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Pneumatic Conveyor - Pressure Vessel

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  ORIGETEC Pneumatic Conveyors replace belt conveyors and bucket elevators, occupying less installation area. Being able to supply one or more silos and transport more than one product. The low transport speed guarantees less pipe wear, a low noise level and very low maintenance levels. We have sensors and control and pressurization valves installed. Its construction is robust and its design meets all the requirements of NR-12 and NR-13. The transport capacity of the pneumatic propeller, as well as the consumption of compressed air, vary depending on: the product to be transported and the route. Conveyor operation is automatic and controlled by level sensors.

Some details: ​

- Low pipe wear, bends and silos.

- Possibility to interrupt and start the transport process with a full line.

- Speed control;

- Low consumption of compressed air;

- Reduction of resin consumption and increase of mold resistance;

- Lower pressure in the transport line;

- Communication with the controller by Bluetooth Industrial system;

- Updated system with Industry 4.0 technology;

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