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Who we are

Origetec Foundry and Automation Machines

    Origetec is a company specialized in foundry machines, founded in the city of Joinville – SC, with the objective of offering simple customized solutions with high productivity.

Enable growth.

  Our mission is to provide solutions with technological innovations to optimize processes in order to increase productivity and reduce waste, contributing to mutual and sustainable growth.

Our values

  • Honesty

  • Commitment

  • Valuing employees, partners and customers

  • Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit

Our Structure

  We have a complete structure with the 3 pillars of engineering for the development of an intelligent and robust Automation project, with in-house manufacturing and assembly.

estrutura ORIGETEC.png

Our team

LOGO ORIGETEC - 2022 3.png

Jefferson M. Origin,


LOGO ORIGETEC - 2022 5.jpg
LOGO ORIGETEC - 2022 5.jpg

Catiane M. Salles,

Coordenadora Administrativa

LOGO ORIGETEC - 2022 5.jpg
LOGO ORIGETEC - 2022 4.png

Engineer Gustavo M. Origin,


Frederico F. Garcia,

Industrial Manager

Jean Novacoski,

Coordenador Automação

LOGO ORIGETEC - 2022 5.jpg

Douglas E. Souza,

Coordenador Engenharia

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