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Cold box Sand Recovery Tower - ORIGETEC


   Cold box sand recovery tower has several pieces of equipment in the same structure.

  • Dust Collector;

  • sand silo;

  • Magnetic separator;

  • recovering sieve;

  • Classifying sieve;

  • Secondary cooler;

  • Lung silo for transport;

  • Pneumatic conveyor;

  • Compliance with safety standards, NR-10 and NR-12;

  • System composed of Industry 4.0 technology;

  • Lower Sand Leakage Index;

  • Low operating cost;

  • Smaller Installation Area;

  • To control the operation of the set in a synchronized way, it has an Automation/Security panel with hardware and software updated with industry 4.0 technology, thus being able to have access to all process parameters and traceability;

  • Meets NR10 and NR12 safety standards.

dados torre de recuperação origetec.png
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