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vibrating chute



Body of the vibrating trough of reinforced monoblock construction (sides + bottom + reinforcements + drive), in 1/4” thick ASTM A-36 steel plate, fully welded.

The vibrators are bolted to two extra reinforced plates, rigidly connected together, which form the vibration transmitting core. These rounded end plates are welded to the body in a recessed manner,  ensuring extreme resistance to vibration fatigue;

Enclosure cover fixed on the gutter with inspection door;

Sand discharge end for a back conveyor that helps seal against dust in cases of enclosure;

Drive through two vibrators;

Dynamic suspension system, consisting of 4 bi-conical helical springs made of 5160 chromium-manganese steel with "shot-peening" surface treatment;

Reinforced support structure, constructed of laminated steel profiles fully welded together to ensure rigidity under vibration.

Wear plates with easy replacement fixing;

Tailored gutters for different layouts;

Various transport and separation capabilities;

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