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Automatic pouring ladle

Panela de vazamento automatica ORIGETEC (21).jpg

The ORIGETEC automatic pouring furnace is a high-performance equipment developed to meet the needs of the modern industry. With a capacity ranging from 250 to 1000 kg of metal, this furnace can be used in automatic mode or with an operator, depending on the needs of your foundry.

The technology used in ORIGETEC allows the monitoring of the mold filling with precision up to 100gr, ensuring precise control of iron dosage and reducing waste. In addition, the intelligent vision system monitors the position of the mold and ladle, providing redundancy in iron pouring, which guarantees a more efficient process.

The equipment automatically adjusts to the height of the molds, allowing greater flexibility with a mix of parts and pouring points. Inoculation is made together with the pouring, ensuring greater efficiency in the process. With axis interpolation, the system allows the rotation to be made always at the furnace spout, obtaining total control of the pouring.

The ORIGETEC pouring furnace is an equipment updated with industry 4.0, which means it has a high degree of automation and integration with other systems, allowing remote monitoring and more assertive decision-making. In addition, the carriage moves on rails parallel to the molding line, and the pouring furnace exchange table is fixed next to the rails, facilitating the pouring furnace exchange in less than 30 seconds.

With ORIGETEC, your foundry will have a high-performance, technological, and efficient equipment, ensuring greater productivity and quality in the metal pouring process.

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