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ColdBox Sand Mixer - Batch Type

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   The ColdBox ORIGETEC sand mixer is robust, safe and easy to clean. Developed to meet high productivity and guaranteeing the final quality of the mold, with an automated process, reducing the need for operator intervention and savings in resin consumption.
  ORIGETEC has become a specialist in casting machines, with a highly trained team with the flexibility to meet any type of casting need from sand preparation, molding, mold making, mold handling, casting and finishing/grooving the casting.
Some details;
- Main bowl internally coated with wear plates in UHMW Tyvar 88-2 Polyethylene with non-stick silicone;
- Two or three rotating paddles to mix the sand and resin mass ensuring that the sand is covered by the resin. Blade height adjustment system in relation to the bottom of the mixer;
- Variable speed to improve the dispersion of resins in the initial mixing phase;
- Automatic discharge door and a sand directing curtain in the discharge;
- Openings for the sand scale, for the addition of additives and for exhaust;
- Car moves on a track, allowing the unloading of mixed sand at different points of use. With a traction system driven by a geared motor ensuring the positioning of the mixer at any point on the rail with millimeter precision;
- Personal safety system against accidents and window for viewing the mixture and safety key that prevents rotation movement while the lid is open, protection for the car wheels with scrapers for cleaning the transfer tracks;
- Communication with the controller by Bluetooth Industrial system;
- Updated system with Industry 4.0 technology;

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