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Cold Box Leaking Line

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  One of the biggest problems that the molding of cakes without boxes faces is the misalignment of the same after molding, generated by deficiencies in the manipulation of these molds, starting in the transport between the molding machine and the trolleys. pallet, in the correct positioning of the jackets and weights on the cakes before pouring and in the premature removal of these after pouring without the metal having solidified, at least superficially.

This mold casting line automatically performs all the tasks of mold transport, placement of jackets and weights, storage for cooling and finally demoulding. This whole set works without human interference, reducing the volume of manpower in these operations with a substantial increase in production.

  • Each mold (cake) that leaves the machine is individually prepared for casting, receiving a set consisting of a jacket and a standardized weight and being positioned on a pallet car, thus following until the complete solidification of the liquid metal (pre-cooling). , remaining perfectly seated on the top surface of the carriage, which has an interchangeable wear plate.

  • A hydro-mechanical device handles and transfers the weights and jackets, removing them from the pre-cooled, poured cakes and then gently positioning them on the newly molded cakes. Another hydro-mechanical device performs the cake removal and cleaning of the pallet car, pulling the cakes up a belt where they will continue cooling or directly in a demolding machine.

  • To control the operation of the set in a synchronized way, it has an Automation/Security panel with hardware and software updated with industry 4.0 technology, thus being able to have access to all process parameters and traceability.

  • Meets NR10 and NR12 safety standards.

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