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Sand Crusher


   Vibrating operation with double function of breaking up the sand blocks with resin after their demoulding / separation by sieving of the tailings and metallic particles of the sand;

  Main body, made of ASTM A-36 steel in the form of a fully welded monoblock, equipped with decks of perforated plates fixed on the inner sides by means of screwed rulers. These perforated sheets have additional lines of friction that intensify the clod's shredding effect. Under the perforated plates, we have the funnel for collecting the sand that passes through them, which corresponds to the body of the crumbler. This funnel concentrates the sand to a discharge mouth at the bottom of the crusher;

  Discharge system for tailings and metallic particles, consisting of a pneumatically driven side door at the bottom of the screens, which periodically releases the material retained inside. The opening command can be manual or automatic with remote activation and automated cleaning frequency control;

  Actuation through two, fixed to the main body in order to produce vibrations only in the vertical direction.  The reduction in the size of the clods is obtained by the relative movement between them and the internal body of the crumbler and also between themselves, rubbing each other;

  Four support columns, which are positioned and welded on the equipment structure during its assembly, and the dynamic suspension is carried out through four helical springs of chrome-manganese steel 5160 with treatment surface of "shot-peening".

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