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Cold box Vibrating Demolding Machine – Double deck


  Our equipment is used in several areas of the foundry: from the feeding of the furnace, to the cooling and transport of the castings.

  • Release capacity: 5, 10 and 15 Ton/hour

  • Dimensions: 800mm x3000mm

  • Extra reinforced and fully welded vibrating set, on which the two vibrators are fixed

  • Elastic support on the structure through springs

  • Double deck to separate sand from clod+metal

  • Perforated plate with fastening system for quick change

  • Funnel for discharging the demolded sand to a later conveyor

  • Assembly is fully welded to ensure resistance against vibrations and the impact of demolding.

  • Support structure (chassis) fully welded to ensure rigidity and alignment

- Communication with the controller by Bluetooth Industrial system;
- Updated system with Industry 4.0 technology;

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