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Cold Box Sand Blower


ORIGETEC Cold Box sand blowers are high productivity machines capable of performing up to 400 blows per hour. They are designed to ensure high quality, safety, quiet operation and easy maintenance. These machines can be used with traditional core box tools made of wood, resin and metal, which makes it possible to reduce tool costs.

ORIGETEC Coldbox sand blowers are robust, easy to operate and functional. They are the ideal solution for the production of small and medium-sized molds and cores, manufactured according to current regulations, including NR-12.

Some of the features of our Coldbox sand blowers include:

  • Updated automation technology with Industry 4.0;

  • Efficient blowing system at high and low pressure;

  • Optimized gasification system, which provides low TEA consumption and low gasification/washing time;

  • Option to have or not have an extraction system;

  • Option to have or not have a discharge conveyor;

  • Easy-to-make tools;

  • Quick configuration, with a device for quick change of blowing and gasification plates;

  • Predefined recipes by type of piece, accessible through the IHM;

  • Reusable filter, easy to replace and clean.

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